WikiLeaks Store Loses Coinbase Support, Still Processing Sales

[ad_1] WikiLeaks has had to find alternative solutions for its online shop. On April 20, 2018, the whistle-blowing document depository revealed in a tweet that Coinbase has shut down the WikiLeaks’ online store account. Even with  Coinbase out as a payment processor, WikiLeaks’ online shop is still able to use for cryptocurrency payments, accepting both … Read more

Promoted: ShoCard’s Use Cases Bring Blockchain Solutions Where They’re Most Needed

[ad_1] Some blockchain applications are solutions looking for problems, but there are other issues that are just begging for help from decentralized technology. Managing and authenticating identity is one of the latter. Traditional authentication processes in many industries use easily guessable identity questions, forgeable documents and unwieldy manual checks. As such, they are ripe for … Read more

Saudi Telecom and ConsenSys Boost Blockchain Infrastructure in Middle East

[ad_1] Saudi Arabia is rebuilding its country’s industry and government infrastructure in line with its Vision 2030 commitment to become a world leader in the adoption of blockchain infrastructure technology. ConsenSys, the world’s largest Ethereum blockchain design studio, is partnering with the Saudi Telecom Company (STC), to help make this happen. In a Memorandum of … Read more

“Venture Capital Working Group” Seeks Select Cryptocurrency “Safe Harbor”

[ad_1] Several venture capitalists (VCs) and entrepreneurs have been petitioning federal authorities to see certain virtual currencies in a “different light.” Right now, many cryptocurrencies are in danger of being classified as “securities,” which would place them under strict regulatory scrutiny. Working to change this, venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures have … Read more

Brazil’s Largest Brokerage Firm May Be Launching an OTC Bitcoin Exchange

[ad_1] Brazil is home to half of South America’s population and wealth, and right now, the country’s largest investment broker firm may be primed to launch an over-the-counter (OTC) bitcoin exchange. XP Investimentos has not made any official announcements on the matter, but according to reports in Portal do Bitcoin on Tuesday, April 17, 2018, … Read more

Salon Joins With AdLedger and IBM to Trial a Blockchain Approach to Ad Tech

[ad_1] A digital media pioneer, liberal news and commentary site Salon launched in November 1995 just as online news was starting to get its teeth. This was back when the internet was still ramping up. Publishers and advertisers had a simpler relationship then. Despite its wonders, the internet has made advertising models increasingly complicated. Where … Read more