Op-Ed: The Potentially Fatal Flaw of Open-Source Blockchain Protocols

[ad_1] The most important question to ask any decentralized blockchain protocol is: “How do you protect your protocol from ‘incumbent’ companies?” While many emerging protocols promise disintermediated commercial interactions between people, it is critical that these protocols are weary of corporate giants with FOMO. After all, most decentralized protocols are open-source – copying their code … Read more

Op Ed: Why Millennials Migrate to Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency in Droves

[ad_1] Millennials welcome new industry dynamics, but they have their own motivations for supporting the ascendancy of open-source, decentralized blockchains, many of which are unique to trends common for their generation. Regardless of the reasons for their backing, millennials are indisputably crucial to the survival of blockchains. Now the largest population on Earth, millennials also … Read more

Tezos Foundation Adds Four New Members, Paving Way for Platform Launch

[ad_1] Tezos Foundation, the Zug, Switzerland-based nonprofit that governs the now $1 billion worth of assets for Tezos, a blockchain project that has yet to launch, just added to its board four new members: Olaf Carlson-Wee, Pascal Cléré, Marylene Micheloud and Hubertus Thonhauser. In addition to the two new members announced last week, this brings … Read more

Chinese E-Commerce Giant JD.com Launches Blockchain Accelerator

[ad_1] Chinese e-commerce company JD.com, a member of the Fortune Global 500 headquartered in Beijing, is launching AI Catapult Accelerator (AICA), an accelerator program designed to unlock the transformative potential of startups demonstrating cutting-edge talent in the blockchain space. JD.com is one of the two largest business-to-consumer (B2C) online retailers in China by transaction volume … Read more

European Commission Urges Nations to Embrace Blockchain Tech but Address Risks

[ad_1] Following remarks made by Valdis Dombrovskis, vice president of the European Commission (EC), after a roundtable on cryptocurrencies, it appears that the European Union (EU) is prepared to take steps toward regulating cryptocurrencies. While acknowledging that European nations should embrace blockchain technology in order to remain competitive in financial markets, Dombrovskis also cautioned that … Read more

Op Ed: What Do We Mean When We Talk About the "Blockchain Ecosystem”?

[ad_1] Ethereum has just announced its Ethereum Community Fund (ECF) grant program, an initiative launched by a collection of major players in the Ethereum world that is designed to accelerate the development of blockchain infrastructure apps and services. The stated aim of the ECF is to bring about “an environment where teams and ideas can … Read more

Circle Leaps Into Exchange Business With Poloniex Acquisition

[ad_1] Circle, a mobile payment app company backed by Goldman Sachs, has announced it is buying U.S.-regulated cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex Inc. — a move that will transform Boston-based Circle into one of the biggest players in the industry. According to Fortune Magazine, Circle paid $400 million for the exchange, which handles a trading volume of … Read more