Verady’s Vision for Asset Audits and Verification

[ad_1] The rise of bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies represents a watershed moment for the world of digital innovation.   But the growth in the market capitalization and complexity of these assets has spawned the need for an “assurance service” that provides auditing, verification, monitoring and reporting around them.   Verady, LLC, a company with … Read more

BitGive Launches Bitcoin Donation Platform GiveTrack

[ad_1] BitGive Foundation, a nonprofit organization, announced the launch of the beta version of GiveTrack, a blockchain-based platform that allows donors to donate bitcoin to charitable causes and track those donations in real time. Connie Gallippi, founder of BitGive, made the announcement on October 24, 2017 at Money20/20, a four-day payments and finance event in … Read more

Moody’s: Threat of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Is Distant but Inevitable

[ad_1] A report titled “Consumer Digital Payments — US,” which was released on October 11 by Moody’s analyst Stephen Sohn and team, reassures the payments sector that blockchain technology is a distant threat. Moody’s thinks that blockchain technology is a disruptor and poses a potential long-term competitive threat to the payments sector. The group highlights … Read more

Blockchain Technology Takes Center Stage in Science Fiction Thriller (ID)entity

[ad_1] Philip K. Dick Award finalist (R)evolution, a 2015 near-future science fiction thriller by PJ Manney, ends with the main character’s consciousness transferred to a supercomputer, accompanied by the otherworldly notes of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”: but with the words “Commencing download: Servers on …” The story continues in the sequel, (ID)entity, the second novel … Read more

This Blockchain-Powered Platform Aims to Disrupt the Esport Gambling Industry

[ad_1] Esports wagering is a large — and growing — global industry at the intersection between gambling, technology and entertainment. In their 2017 Global Esports Markets Report, Newzoo found that China and North America will generate $362 million during 2017, or 52 percent of global esports industry’s revenue. If the esports industry continues on the same … Read more