Launching a Cryptocurrency “Token Generation Event” (aka an ICO)

[ad_1] On October 27, 2017, disruptors in the cryptocurrency field gathered at the San Francisco Ethereal Summit. Sponsored by ConsenSys, the summit provided a diverse mix of panels and workshops that demystified the “initial coin offering” (ICO) or “token generation event.” Side note: Vernacular is key. Referring to a token launch as an ICO is so “September.” The … Read more

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Signs of Divergence May Point to Potential Distribution Phase

[ad_1] After bouncing back and forth from $5100 to $6100, BTC-USD managed to squeeze out one more (albeit short-lived) all-time high. This article is going to present an update to the last discussion regarding the potential Wyckoff Distribution and provide a more contextualized, macro-view of the current bitcoin market. Before reading any further, I would … Read more

Blockstack Announces Its Own Token Sale

[ad_1] New York–based decentralized internet and developer platform Blockstack has announced its own token sale. Blockstack recently partnered with a number of venture capital groups to launch the $25 million Blockstack Signature fund. The group also released the “Blockstack Token Whitepaper,” which explains the technical details of the Blockstack Token mining system, the incentive mechanisms … Read more

Decred Launches Proposal System to Advance Blockchain Governance

[ad_1] Decred, which describes itself as an autonomous “digital currency for the people,” is announcing the launch of an “intelligent” blockchain proposal system. Powered by Politeia, a stand-alone tool for off-chain data storage, the system allows anyone in the community to submit a formal proposal for the evolution of the Decred platform. This proposal is … Read more

The Genesis System Wants to Record Cleaned Fracking Water on the Blockchain

[ad_1] There are more than 900,000 active gas and oil wells in the United States, according to Drillinginfo. Unfortunately, recycling and cleaning the contaminated water has not been an option, with companies typically transporting the produced and flowback water in barrels to underground disposal well facilities. That is until now. U.S.-based Genesis Research & Technology … Read more

Overstock Reveals Plans for Equity Token Exchange and ICO

[ad_1] Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne believes that one day all company shares will be blockchain-based equity tokens classed as securities, and they will need a regulated exchange to trade on. To raise funds to develop that exchange, the online retail giant is launching an initial coin offering (ICO) for (tZero), the company’s blockchain-focused subsidiary … Read more

TokenFunder Wins Approval to First OSC Regulated ICO Launch

[ad_1] In Canada, steps are being taken to bring Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) within the regulatory framework. TokenFunder, a Toronto-based startup that helps other startups launch and manage ICOs, is the first company to win approval for an ICO by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC). While some ICOs have come under regulatory scrutiny lately, TokenFunder … Read more