Op Ed: Launching an ICO? Follow This Advice from the SEC

[ad_1] Lost in the headlines over the SEC’s recent pronouncements on cryptocurrency was important practical advice for both promoters of and participants in initial coin offerings (ICOs). Most coverage was rightfully garnered from the Report by the SEC’s enforcement division which deemed that DAO Tokens are securities, after subjecting the offering to the Howey test. … Read more

How Airbitz Hopes to Keeps Bitcoin Decentralized on Mobile Wallets

[ad_1] Airbitz is one of the more popular mobile bitcoin wallets among those who believe in the digital asset’s core tenet of decentralization. Recently, Bitcoin Magazine caught up with Airbitz CEO Paul Puey to get his thoughts on preserving Bitcoin’s decentralization in a smartphone environment. “Decentralization has always been a key goal of our wallet, … Read more

Investing in Cryptocurrencies as Securities: An Interview from a Legal Perspective

[ad_1] Digital currency practices have exploded in recent months, bringing to the forefront new regulations. This means VC investors looking to get a piece of the action need to do further due-diligence and remain informed on the legal side. According to Inside Bitcoins, last year two Bitcoin and blockchain-related startups raised over $1 billion in … Read more

Bitcoin Price Analysis: With August 1st Looming, Uncertainty is the Only Certainty

[ad_1] With only 3 days left before Bitcoin’s hardfork is implemented, there is still great uncertainty among BTC-USD markets (which inherently applies to all cryptocurrencies) and what their imminent fate will be. One would expect, with so much market uncertainty, that BTC-USD should be seeing dropping prices as people begin to sell their BTC in … Read more

Ether Price Analysis: Market Consolidation Provides Calm Before Next Breakout

[ad_1] Over the past few days, despite major swings throughout the crypto-market, ETH-USD finally appears to be displaying nice, reliable signs of market consolidation: Figure 1: ETH-USD, 2-hr Candles, Bitfinex, Consolidation Pattern Two key characteristics of market consolidation are decreasing volume over the course of a trend and decrease in price volatility. It should be … Read more

Bad Karma: Community Objects to “Opportunism” of Buddhism on the Blockchain

[ad_1] Last week, startup company Lotos published its new project on Reddit aiming to create a decentralized religious community, supporting Buddhism and meditation, based on the Ethereum blockchain. According to the company’s white paper, the community’s structure will be segmented into three parts: “an off-blockchain software platform” connecting the teachers and the students; “an internal … Read more

SegWit or Not, Bitfury is Getting Ready for Lightning With Successful Bitcoin Main Net Test

[ad_1] While Segregated Witness (SegWit) activation is looking more likely by the hour, Bitfury is getting ready to deploy a version of the Lightning network with or without the protocol upgrade. The blockchain technology company, perhaps best known for its Bitcoin mining pool of the same name, successfully sent real bitcoins over a test version … Read more

Colony Moves Organizations, Companies onto the Ethereum Blockchain

[ad_1] London-based startup Colony is building an infrastructure based on the Ethereum blockchain that aims to revamp the way organizations and companies work and collaborate, promising to make human resources and project management more open, fair and efficient. Think of Colony as the merger of Trello and Upwork, but running on a blockchain. Colony essentially … Read more