Hey there, I’m Alex and this is my blog about cryptocurrencies, decentralized systems, blockchain, bitcoin, altcoins and technology in general.

This project is called a Crypto Money Lab because I experiment with different cryptocurrencies and services and then analyse the results for better understanding the whole idea and the possibilities it gives.

Here is some personal advice for beginners in cryptocurrency

  1. Keep your cryptocurrency safe: do not keep any currencies in exchanges. Always control your private keys yourself. Use a hardware wallet, paper or software wallet.
  2. Before investing your cryptocurrency in any project, do your research, see who’s behind the project, understand the technical aspect of what they’re doing.
  3. Invest in cryptocurrencies as much as you can afford to loose. When you do invest, get emotionally detatched from that money.
  4. If you’re considering to get involved or invest in some project, always do your own research and at least check if they’re listed on badbitcoin.org
Bitcoin Magazine

Regulatory Clarity Should Lead to More Capital Investment in Crypto: Panel

[ad_1] The Distributed Markets conference took place in Chicago on April 23, 2018, and featured an array of blockchain and financial experts working to shed light on opportunities and changes happening in the cryptocurrency space. Among the main goals of the conference was to educate attendees on how they could integrate blockchain technology into their

Bitcoin Magazine

Promoted: Plutus Is Pursuing the “Holy Grail” of Payment Innovation

[ad_1] While many people see cryptocurrency as a speculative investment, many of the new asset class’ earliest adopters believe they could be much more promising for everyday currency use. Championing the motto “Spend Crypto, Anywhere,” the U.K.-based project, Plutus, is leading the charge in delivering a worldwide payments solution to make it easier for cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Magazine

Popular Ether Wallet MEW Is Hijacked in DNS Attack

[ad_1] MyEtherWallet, a popular web-based wallet for storing and transmitting the cryptocurrency ether (ETH), suffered a DNS attack that rerouted unsuspecting users to a Russian scam site into which some victims fed their login credentials. An unsigned SSL certificate warned users before entering the phony site but some bypassed the warning, resulting in a loss

Bitcoin Magazine

Blockstack and ShapeShift Offer $50,000 Universal Wallet DApp Bounty

[ad_1] In the latest installment of its Signature Bounties campaign, Blockstack has partnered with ShapeShift to challenge developers to create a universal wallet. The contest, which began this morning, April 25, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. EST, will run until 11:59 p.m. on June 25, 2018. The winning project will be announced on June 29, 2018,

Bitcoin Magazine

Goldman Sachs Makes First Official Hire to Its Cryptocurrency Department

[ad_1] Multinational investment bank and financial services company Goldman Sachs has hired the first official employee for its cryptocurrency markets unit. Justin Schmidt, a former trader, has been serving as the enterprise’s first head of digital asset markets in the securities division since April 16, 2018. Holding a computer science degree from the Massachusetts Institute

Bitcoin Magazine

Thomson Reuters Survey Finds Increasing Interest in Cryptocurrency Trading

[ad_1] Cryptocurrency trading by financial firms could increase in 2018, according to a new Thomson Reuters survey, with approximately 20 percent indicating they are considering trading cryptocurrency over the next 3–12 months. The survey was conducted among more than 400 clients across all of Thomson Reuters trading solutions, including Eikon and REDI, as well as

About me

I am a programmer with over 20 years of experience, currently working as a freelance IT Consultant.
I’ve been involved in cryptocurrencies since 2011. I liked the ideas and the technology behind blockchain and bitcoin in particular so much, that I was promoting it among my friends and clients. With each cryptocurrency hype and significant price changes in bitcoin, ethereum or any major altcoin, my phone and messengers explode with many different questions about investing in cryptocurrencies, trading, mining, lending, etc.
So decided to put up this little website to share my thoughts, knowledge and experience on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, bitcoin, ethereum, altcoins and decentralized systems in general.
I’m not a financial advisor in any way and on this website I only share and recommend the services that I’ve been using myself and haven’t noticed any signs of them being a scam.